Try Out Your New Mattress First

The best mattress does not exist because no mattress is ideal for different people. However, there is a best mattress of you. Do not believe the myth that a harder mattress is better for your back, because it is not true for everyone. Try out your new mattress before you buy it. If it feels right when you lay on it, then it is the best mattress for you.

Test Drive Several Mattresses

Try out several mattresses before you settle on the one you for you. Start with several and then narrow it down to two or three choices. Trust your first impression of a mattress. Make sure to lay down on the mattress, dont just sit on the mattress as it needs to feel good when you lay down. If you have a partner that you sleep with, have them lay down with you. Roll around and rest on it just like you would at home. This will give you the best judgment of how the mattress will feel when you sleep on it. We make this possible because we have many different mattresses you can test out in our showroom.

Check your warranty

Your mattress is built to last a long time, although the exact length will vary depending on the type of mattress. A mattress with springs will last about between eight to 11 years and give you the same comfort and support as it did when you bought it. Foam mattresses last much longer, with some latex foam mattresses lasting more than 25 years. The warranty on your mattress is the best way to know how long it should last. If a mattress with a 10year nonprorated warranty, it should last you at least 10 years.

Thicker Mattresess

The mattresses of today are combined with a large amount of padding that pairs with a firm, supportive spring unit. They also have the padding and quilting that allows them to hold together better. Your mattress is thicker, so it feels thicker, but offers the great support you have come to know and trust.

Middle ground

Choosing a plush mattress is like choosing the middle ground when it comes to choosing comfort levels. Plush mattresses usually have one to four additional inches of foam atop a firm mattress. Mattresses are also great for contouring to your shape.

Beds of Today

The mattress made today are created to have a firm surface. The mattresses are made from selected foams that are sewn with tighter sewing patterns in the quilt. If you choose a firm mattress, they have a lower height than the options. Firm mattresses offer great support, but are not ideal for fitting to your contoured shape. A cushion firm mattress will feel softer, but are available in a firm option.

Innovations in bedding

If you choose a Eurotop mattress or boxtop mattress, you are choosing the newest innovation in bedding. These mattresses have increased padding on top of the mattress and help reduce pressure points. They also last longer than most other models. These mattresses can range in feel from very firm to ultra plush.

Maintain the Original Feel of Your Mattress

Mattresses vary in how long they will last. Your mattress will wear out due to loss of resiliency or loss of comfort. If you are experiencing back pain, it is entirely possible that you need a new mattress. If your mattress is made of great quality and has more quantity of comfort materials, it will maintain its original feel for years to come.

Know the Height of Your Mattress

Always consider the profile of your foundation or box spring when you buy your new mattress set. A highprofile set measures 9 inches high while the lowprofile set measures 4 1/2 inches high. Be sure to measure the height of your headboard and footboard, otherwise some elements of your bed may be hidden by the base. For those who are choosing to place their mattress on a standard steel bed frame, know that the frame sits 7 1/2 inches off the floor. To be sure which height is right for you, combine the height of your current mattress and compare it with the height of the new mattress.


Most mattresses come with a 10year warranty. If your mattress has even the slightest stain on it, the warranty will become void. If you wish to retain your mattress warranty, it is very important to purchase a waterproof mattress cover. Many other warranties require that you flip the mattress every six months. Ask one of our helpful sales staff for more details.

Bed bugs

Bed bugs are something that have become quite of a nuisance. They are similar to ticks, but look like small cockroaches. Bed bugs are not detectable easily by the human eye and prey on us while we sleep. If you purchase a mattress and box spring encasement, these limit the bed bugs ability to infest new areas and protect you from these parasites. Rest comfortably knowing that the use of pillow and mattress protectors as well as mattress and box spring encasements.

Protection you need

Purchasing a mattress protector is actually quite affordable, given the alternative. Buying a new bed set and mattress is far more expensive. Most basic types of mattress protectors are a fitted sheet that is made of a terry cloth mixture of cotton and polyester. A mattress protector is absorbent and protects your mattress. Mattress protectors also contain a polyurethane laminated membrane, which keeps it dry and breathable. Ask one of our friendly sales staff about our Bamboo Bare brand. Bamboo Bare has all the mattress protection you need, plus the added comfort and benefits of bamboo fiber sheets. Bamboo fiber sheets are naturally antibacterial, providing you with a healthier sleep.

Waterproof and blocks allergens

A mattress protector contains an impermeable layer that will block allergens, thereby helping you get that restful nights sleep that you have been seeking. If you choose bamboo fabric mattress protectors, they are naturally antibacterial and kill dust mites. All mattress protectors also come with a waterproof barrier and liquid absorbent material, providing you with more security and hygiene. Many options are available, ask one of our staff for more information.

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